New Venue: Victoria’s West End Gallery

Nov 20, 2018

This past summer another well-established Canadian art gallery chose William Brownridge to join its assembly of eminent artists. The West End Gallery in downtown Victoria, B.C., and its sister gallery in Edmonton, AB, become the most recent galleries to feature Bill’s art.

West End Gallery has a long and distinguished history, which stands as a testament to their artistic acumen and outstanding service. The Edmonton gallery opened in 1975, followed by the Victoria gallery in 1994.

The latter establishment provides a memorable walkabout with its large-windowed corner location on the city’s funky Broad Street. Thick beams of afternoon sun easily spill inside and wash the voluminous interior with a cascade of natural light and warmth. Hard to ask for a better milieu in which to view fine art.

The West End Gallery is family owned and operated, and has specialized in Canadian art since 1975. Although the majority of their artists’ works are presented in both galleries, the expansion to Victoria allowed West End Gallery to cater to the specific art needs of its clients in both western provinces.

The West End Gallery entertains an educated and discerning clientele, hosting two monthly solo exhibitions of artists supplemented by special evening previews, as well as hosting group and themed shows for veterans and newcomers alike to the Canadian art scene. It is their mandate to continue to provide an exceptional selection of Canadian artists in their galleries. Collectors can depend on obtaining works of lasting value as well as receiving the very best in professional service from a dedicated staff.

West End Gallery joins five other Canadian galleries featuring Bill’s work: White Rock Gallery, B.C.; Gibson Fine Arts, Calgary AB; Canada House Gallery, Banff AB; Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg MB; Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto ON.

Bill and all concerned with Brownridge Fine Art and Heart of Hockey are most pleased to be part of such a successful and noteworthy art enterprise as that of West End Gallery. We look forward to a warm and lasting relationship with a fine partner. Salut!

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