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But don’t overlook the real Mother Lode

There is great excitement in exploring, be it travel, business, study. It’s a natural urge that most of us experience, we want to get out, see the world. Exploring is a necessary step toward a larger view of life and it’s staggering potential. When you return to home base after gathering all this fascinating stuff, (it may have taken you several years), please turn to exploring your inner space, the Mother Lode you were born with. If you disregard this rich vein of creativity and passion, you may become wealthy but hate your day to day employment.

Over my many years I’ve heard friends and acquaintances bemoan the fact they have arrived at midlife, are financially secure but disappointed, feel they are drifting and their life has lost personal meaning. Perhaps if, in their teens, they had spent more time exploring their inner yearnings, digging deeper into ( half forgotten) early bursts of excitement revealed in, art, science, music, they would have discovered that vein of gold within their own DNA that would give inspiration and sustain them throughout life.

The other spectre looming over every teen is: “MONEY.” Will I get a job?” “Which career pays the most?” “How much debt will I have?”

These are the wrong questions to ask. Our materialistic society imposes this on every youth emerging into the adult world. This society asks you to ignore this pulsing vein of creativity, imagination and inherent skill – that speaks to your core being. Teachers, family, business leaders call you to, ‘come down to earth,’ apply yourself to advanced learning, accounting, management, science and get a secure job. Now you will be able to pick the ripe fruit of our society; a car, a house, children, happy retirement.

My point is, I wish there was a more balanced view of what constitutes a fulfilling life for emerging youth.

Creativity and imagination are not the exclusive property of art, music and literature. There are many careers in business, parenting and academia, that cry out for innovation and fresh thinking on a wide range of challenges.

My counsel to youth is – yes go exploring in the ‘outside’ world, but always check to look ‘inside’, be alert and sensitive to the things that stir your blood, and tells you this is the Mother Lode that will carry you forward with passion all through your life.