Bill recently sat down with’s Shawn P. Roarke for a Q&A while at the first-ever Winter Classic® in Seattle

Jan 4, 2024 | News

Brownridge discusses art, love of hockey in Q&A with

91-year-old wrote children’s book ‘The Moccasin Goalie,’ helped Flames design new uniforms in 1993

By Shawn P. Roarke @sroarke_nhl Senior Director of Editorial
January 01, 2024

In’s Q&A feature called “Sitting Down with …” we talk to key figures in the game, gaining insight into their lives on and off the ice. In this edition, we talk to Canadian artist and author Bill Brownridge, who has made a living depicting hockey’s allure in various mediums.

Bill Brownridge has had a life defined by hockey.

The artist and author has tapped extensively into the sport’s tapestry throughout his career, producing paintings and books that have been lauded for their authenticity and ability to convey the beauty of the game at its core.

But on Monday, he experienced a new hockey memory: an outdoor game.

Brownridge, who grew up in Saskatchewan and lived in Calgary before moving to Victoria, British Columbia, was a guest of the NHL for the 2024 Discover Winter Classic between the Seattle Kraken and the Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

“Well, it’s hard to relate, but you know, I think the League has made tremendous progress in its development and its expanding into new markets,” Brownridge said. “This is an example of that, for sure.”

And, who knows, the spectacle he witnessed may lead to a new masterpiece.

“Yes, it could be,” the 91-year-old said with a laugh. “I hope I get some great photographs. I’ll be torn between, you know, sort of a broad scene or a close-up of the action, which I love.”

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