Hockey’s Tapestry – a new exhibition at Mayberry Fine Art

Jan 27, 2024 | News, Shows

Dates: January 25 – February 24, 2024

At 91 years old, Bill Brownridge shows no signs of retiring from his art. His hockey paintings continue to captivate audiences with their vibrant display of talent. The exhibition, titled “Hockey’s Tapestry,” showcases the artwork of the acclaimed Canadian artist and author. After a profound interview with Brownridge on, this exhibition provides a window into the artist’s deep connection with hockey and his unmatched ability to express that passion on canvas.

Gain deeper insights into the artist’s thoughts and inspirations by exploring the full interview conducted by Shawn P. Roarke on The interview sheds light on Brownridge’s recent experience as an honored guest at the 2024 Discover Winter Classic, a moment that may inspire a new masterpiece. Delve into the article here: – Bill Brownridge Discusses Art & Love of Hockey

The exhibition showcases a collection of 5 new works, as well as additional pieces acquired from private collections. In addition, there are four limited edition archival prints authorized by Bill Brownridge each in a small edition of 25. These may now be viewed online and in person at 212 McDermot Ave in Winnipeg.