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“In a world preoccupied with the bizarre, the sensational and horrific,
I find great enjoyment in watching children at play. Their joyous laughter, enthusiasm and naivete are a source of endless fascination – especially when the setting is a hauntingly beautiful prairie or foothills landscape.”

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William Roy “Bill” Brownridge is one of Canada’s most popular hockey artists and author of four Canadian classic children’s hockey books. The game of hockey – with emphasis on children’s enjoyment of playing this great game – has been a life-long inspiration for Bill. His Heart of Hockey website offers a visual celebration of the powerful emotions Canada’s game evokes for all of us.

Bill hopes his artwork helps you rekindle many wonderful memories and invites you to bring home your own “The Spirit of the Game”.


Recent Exhibitions

September 10 – September 27, 2016

Bill Brownridge | Day in the Life of a Prairie Boy – 1945

Gibson Fine Art
Calgary’s Contemporary Art Gallery
102, 628 11th Ave SW,
Calgary, AB T2R 0E9